20 Plus Models at National Plug-in Day Event

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The National Plug-in Day held on this Sunday featured more than 20 EVs, providing a variety of methods to beat reduced pollution and increased gas prices. The event that highlighted electric vehicles was organized at Staff of Life market. A huge crowd gathered at the event that showcased several models, thus making this year’s event two times the size of the one held last year at Santa Cruz.

Many people keen on EVs were offered test drives, direct analysis from owners, and details from retailers and others in an event conducted by the Electric Auto Association and Monterey Bay EV Alliance. Will Beckett of EAS says that this event can be a game changer.

electric cars display

The well-known EVs displayed included Tesla Model S, new 2013 Toyota RAV, and BMW Active E Series, which will make its debut in the market very soon. Greg Glander Toyota Advanced Tech Vehicles Manager said that limited editions of RAV models will be offered in California next week. The small playful active cars sell for about 50k dollars, and fed refunds that can beat $10,000 less.

The electric RAV is in high demand, especially by the people working at farms and fields as they need a high-clearance automotive. Moreover, it leads to gas cost savings for about 3 years, making it worthwhile financially in comparison with non-electric Rav model.

Other EVs, like Mitsubishi i, Nissan Leaf, Tesla Roadster, Ford Focus, and smart cars by Mercedes and Hertz, Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius too were present, but were not full electric. A consumer from Watsonville, Bill Meade displayed solar-powered Leaf, explaining the process in which his vehicle worked. Few people, like Joyce and Ed Tanaka from Fremont who were heading to Sea Bright Beach in Lexus hybrid saw the event and stopped, saying they weren’t using plug-in models yet, and wanted to drive as they are worth the price.

Beverly DesChaux, Electric Auto Association’s President said that electric vehicles have come a long way and plug-in charging signifies an important milestone in the development of the electric-powered vehicles. He said his association members are playing in garages since forty years, converting gas-powered vehicles into electric. If every automaker starts offering electric cars then the biggest winner will be the environment, he added.

The sponsors of Sunday’s National Plug-in day event are Allterra Solar, Unified Air Pollution Control District, Monterey Bay, and Sierra Club Santa Cruz group.

Source: Mercury News


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