2013 Lexus GS 450h : A Performance Model

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The new 2013 Lexus GS sedan is the company’s mid-size entry, which offers rear-wheel drive architecture. Only few breeds are offering a hybrid power-train and 2013 GS is one among them. But, the price difference comes at a price.

The new Hybrid GS 450h has a price tag of $12,050 more than the base gasoline model GS 350. The new hybrid is a performance model, which offers more output power than the basic GS and also increase in its efficiency. It is the most powerful hybrid GS model that we would want to buy.

The new Hybrid GS price starts at $58,950. It was equipped with Mark Levinson sound system, Interactive Park Assist, Navigation system, Accessory Package, Luxury Package, and Blind Spot Monitor.

The new hybrid model is powered by a 3.5 litre V6 engine, which generates a maximum output of 280 hp with the help of both port and direct fuel injection. When mated with electric motors, it produces a total output power of 338 hp. Power is generated through CVT (Constantly Variable Transmission).

2013 lexus gs 450h

The new GS 450h is one of the most refined and smoothest hybrids to drive till date. The CVT produces flawless power to both gasoline and electric sources. The gasoline engine has a smooth start and stop and when compared with the new Infiniti M35h, it is less intrusive.

For more flexibility, a driving knob is added to the power train, which allows selecting Standard, Sport, and ECO modes. In ECO mode, the car has a soft throttle response and rising regenerative braking.

2013 lexus gs 450h

In the Sport mode, the throttle response is sharpened, which allows more electrical power on and stiffens the transmission for better performance. Sport mode is well made set of programs with distinct differences.

The new GS 450h gives a whisper quite and silky smooth drive on the highway. The power train is almost zero in the new Hybrid GS model.

The interiors are the best that Lexus has ever designed. Every touch point is designed with premium grade soft materials. The hybrid model comes with a unique bamboo wood work. The seats are more comfortable and the cooling/heating feature works very well.

2013 lexus gs 450h

The large monitor in the middle of the dash board shows audio, navigation, and some other information. On the side, it displays a full map view and combination of audio and some other information.

The gas mileage of the new GS 450h on an average is 33.4 mpg. It is 29 mpg in the city, and on highway it is about 34 mpg. The car accelerates 0-60 kmph in just 6 seconds.



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