2014 Range Rover Hybrid Drive Report

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Land Rover has been everything in all these years but an environment friendly machine. The vehicle as such has been hugely successful since its inception but its engine and its tires have done enough damage to the nature around us.

But, Jaguar’s Land Rover is in a mood to change that image now as it plans to roll out its new Range Rover Hybrid, the prototype of which has been tested by few leading auto journalists.

2014 range rover hybrid

We have to say that the statistics look impressive. The hybrid is not powered by a great V8 or even a diesel powerplant. Instead in comes a smaller 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine with twin-turbocharger. The engine is a straight pick from TDV6, which is currently being sold in Europe.

To this engine setup, which is coupled with an 8 speed auto transmission system, Land Rover adds an electric motor along with a humble lithium-ion pack. The electric motor generates 47 hp. The resulting fuel economy is impressive as well with an average of 37 mpg. But obviously, you can’t compare it with the likes of Toyota Prius as the small engine in Range Rover Hybrid may give disproportionate fuel economy results while city driving.

The vehicle is not intended for U.S. market as of now and the automakers plans to release it only in Europe market.

Source : Green Car Reports

2014 range rover hybrid

2014 Range Rover Hybrid Exterior

2014 range rover hybrid

2014 Range Rover Hybrid On Road

2014 range rover hybrid

2014 Range Rover Hybrid Outlook


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