RLX Hybrid Introduced By Acura

Posted on 10. Dec, 2013 by in Hybrid Cars

The “most powerful Acura ever built” was manufactured by applying the hybrid treatment to the RLX luxury sedan (which was launched earlier this year) in order to improve mpg and power.

The all new hybrid version is based on the RLX’s 310-horsepower V6 which blends power output from 3 motors to manifest a 377-horsepower sedan that is all wheel drive along with a 7 speed dual clutch transmission.

2014 rlx hybrid

Fans of performance will be elated with the 4 wheel steering and torque vectoring that essentially applies thrust that is reverse to the rear wheel during cornering, this slows the rate of speed to allow making crisper turns without regard to a heavy front of weight bias and suspension which makes for a comfortable ride.

The mileage is about 28 city, 30 combines and 32 highway but the RLX easily exceeds 31 highway, 24 combines and 20 city.
The price hasn’t been set yet though it will surely be modelled after the price of RLX. It is predicted that it will be in the range of $61,000 and above.

The RLX Hybrid’s V6 which has the capacity of 3.5 litres is a version of the hybrid system that will be used in the soon to be revealed NSX sports hybrid called the “SH-AWD”


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