Five Best Cheap Diesel Models in India

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A whopping hike of Rs.7.54 per liter of petrol has shocked all petrol car consumers in India. This sudden move has considerably increased the already existing demand for the cheap diesel cars in India. Fortunately, almost all well-known carmakers in India have at least one key player representing their brands in this particular segment of cars.

Let’s check out the top 5 affordable diesel cars that are currently available in the Indian market for purchase by all budget-oriented and fuel economy concerned buyers.

New Tata Indica eV2

 cheap diesel cars in India

The latest Indica eV2 hatchback developed from the house of Tata Motors is offered with a base price of around Rs.420,000. The diesel edition of the new eV2 hatchback is introduced in 4-main trim levels. The high-end LX diesel model comes with a base price tag of around Rs.511,000.

It is equipped with extremely economical engine, which is estimated to return a mileage of around 20kmpl in cities, and amazing 25kmpl on superhighways.

New Chevy Beat Diesel

cheap diesel cars in India

The base model of the new Chevy Beat diesel edition would cost around Rs.451,000, while the top-end model variant is released with a price tag of Rs.569,000. It is powered by a standard 1.0-liter diesel engine that pumps out a decent 62.5-PS at 4000 RPM, and peak torque of 160.26Nm at 1750-RPM.

New Ford Figo

cheap diesel cars in India

Equipped with a new 1.4-liter 4-cylinder Duratorq diesel engine under the hood, the latest Figo from Ford Motors has the ability to churn out an output of around 69PS and 160Nm of peak torque.

With its spacious and well-built interior, it is one of the best choices in its class. The Figo base model is released with a starting price of Rs.479,000, while the top-end model can be obtained by spending nearly Rs.5,94,000.

New Mahindra Verito Diesel

If you are looking for a reasonable luxury diesel sedan, the new Verito from Mahindra Motors might be one of the best picks. Powered by a standard 1.5-liter diesel engine, the base Verito is available with a price tag of around Rs 676,000.

cheap diesel cars in India

Maruti Swift Dzire

Since its introduction, Swift Dzire has been topping the sales charts in India. Its diesel model is driven by a standard 1.3-liter DDiS diesel engine that has the capability to pump out impressive 75PS and 190Nm of torque.

cheap diesel cars in India

The base model of the new Swift Dzire has been introduced with a price tag of Rs.599,000, where as the high-end model costs Rs.734,000.

If we continue to mention all diesel models in India, the list will go endless, as there are numerous diesel model options from almost all automakers operating in this part of the world.


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