Five Best Affordable Hybrid Cars of 2012

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At present, you could easily find numerous hybrid vehicle choices in the market, as the need for hybrid cars have substantially increased over the years. These vehicles indeed help us to reduce the amount of environment pollution, as they operate completely depending upon the power generated by the electric motors.

At the same time, these cars are extremely fuel efficient; so there is a huge demand for cheap hybrid cars in the present market. Here, we have compiled a list of the five best cheap hybrid vehicles that could probably suit all your needs precisely.

Smart For Two

cheap hybrid cars

The new Smart ForTwo is the most fuel efficient, and the bestselling small hybrid car in the United States market. It has the capability to provide a fuel economy of around 33 mpg in cities, and 41 mpg on expressways.

Base MSRP – $12,500

Toyota Yaris

cheap hybrid cars

The new Yaris is a compact sedan developed from the house of Toyota Motors, which has been licensed as an EPA ULEV-II (ultra-low emission vehicle-II). It has the ability to return a fuel mileage rating of around 29 mpg in the urban areas, and 36 mpg on highways.

Base MSRP – $13,000

Fiat 500

cheap hybrid cars

The new Fiat 500 small coupe is driven by a standard 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine that makes use of advanced Multi-Air technology, and helps it to considerably reduce emissions while increasing power, and providing enhanced fuel efficiency as compared to other smaller engines.

Base MSRP – $15,500

Mini Cooper

cheap hybrid cars

The new Mini Cooper has come out with a refreshed exterior styling, new rear and front bumpers, and bigger fog-lights than the previous versions. With its potential to achieve a fuel economy of around 29 mpg in the city limits, and 37 mpg on superhighways, it also makes one of the best choices for a new hybrid car.

Base MSRP – $19,400

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

cheap hybrid cars

Last in our list is the new CR-Z hybrid vehicle, which with the help of its decent specifications has been able to obtain 4th place in the EPA’s fuel economy leaders list in 2011. It achieves a fuel mileage of around 35 mpg in the urban regions, and 39 mpg on highway roads.

Base MSRP – $20,000


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