Fuel Efficient Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid

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Silverado hybrid, America’s first 2-mode full-size pickup, offers good fuel economy and legendary performance that you expect from a Chevrolet truck.

Bold New Look

It has got a fresh look and its front end has been enhanced with several new features, such as chrome bumper, and mesh grille that make it even greater. Its smooth responsive handling is further improved with the addition of StabiliTrak electronic control system.

The visual difference between hybrid and gasoline versions is the small hybrid badges on the tailgate and fender. It has better fuel economy, thanks to enhanced aerodynamic design. A tonneau cover is a standard feature on the vehicle in order to reduce the aerodynamic drag.

chevrolet silverado hybrid


Leather appointed front seats are standard on 2HY models, while hybrid models gets leather-wrapped steering wheel. This hybrid version complements its gasoline only siblings in terms of comfort, performance, styling, and convenience as excellent passenger comfort has been maintained throughout.


Its power flow informs the drive how exactly the hybrid system is functioning and an economy gauge on the instrument constantly updates the fuel consumption levels. A tachometer has an auto stop position that will let you know when the engine has stopped working and you’re running on electric mode.

It has latest 2-mode technology that you’ll not find in Toyota Tundra. The first model can operate in electric, engine power or a combination of the two. In simple terms, it is efficient at low speeds when the vehicle works under the combination of gasoline power and electric motors. Mode 2 is used at higher speeds when climbing up steep grades and towing trailers.

silverado hybrid

Hybrid Power-Train

It is no surprise that Silverado shares the same hybrid system found in GMC Yukon, Tahoe, and Cadillac Escalade as all are built on the same platform.

It combines the power of a 332hp 6.0-L V8 gasoline engine and 300V nickel metal hydride battery, mated to an electrically variable transmission (EVT), which is same like the truck’s 6-speed automatic transmission.

It achieves fuel economy that you just cannot get with any other rivals – 20mpg in city and 23mpg on highways. It can tow up to 6100 lbs. Its fuel efficiency is up to 18 percent better city gas mileage than Ford F150 Series and 40% better than Ram 1500.

Besides improved mileage, its EVT offers tremendous trailering capability, improving smoothness and quality, while towing.


Silverado Hybrid is perhaps the most utilitarian vehicle on the market and its starting price is around $40,000.

chevy silverado Hybrid

Silverado Hybrid Outlook

chevy silverado hybrid

Silverado Hybrid Truck

chevy silverado hybrid

Silverado Hybrid Exterior

chevy silverado hybrid chevy silverado hybrid chevy silverado hybrid


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