Chevy and GM Dropping Hybrid Pickup Truck For 2014

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There are many speculations that GM could drop the hybrid vehicles from its manufacturing lineup. However, the 2013 models will surface in the upcoming summer. Other reports say that Mark Reuss, GM North America President has confirmed that the Sliverado and Sierra trucks will make use of internal combustion engines.

The engines in the vehicle are the company’s EcoTec3 power-plants that are available as standard 4.3-L V6 or optional 6.2-L V8 and 5.3-L V8 engines.

The EcoTec3 power-trains feature cylinder deactivation, direct injection, and continuously variable valve timing that deliver more power, efficiency, and torque across the range.

2014 gmc sierra hybrid

Under light load, cylinder deactivation cuts 4 cylinders on V8 engines and 2 cylinders on V6, operating the engine as V4 for additional efficiency. The company says that the new 5.3L engine has got better fuel efficiency when compared with the previous 5.3L engine.

In the past, the company has done well in terms of sales of the hybrid vehicles next to the gas-engine counterparts.

chevy and gm dropping hybrid

As of Nov 2012, the company managed to sell almost 18 units of Silverado Hybrid, with almost 422 vehicles for the year 2012, which is effectively 50% decline across 2012. Sierra Hybrid sales for the month of November was impressive at 170 units when compared with Silverado Hybrid. The total sales for this particular year are 326 units.

The non-hybrid version of Silverado has posted more than 30,000 units for the month of November.

gm eco tec3 engine

Comparing with the gas engine counter parts, hybrid vehicle sales were in limited numbers. It is potentially good news for GM enthusiasts.

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