Spotlight on the New DS5 Hybrid4

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First impressions of the new DS5 hybrid4 are pretty good, as it is one of the most enticing cars from the well-known Citroen’s design studios. All those consumers who remember the 2005 C-Sport Lounge Concept will definitely be pleased that the automaker has effectively placed that vehicle into final production.

Let’s uncover some of the noteworthy aspects about this latest model in the below presented sections.

Basic Information

The latest DS5 Hybrid4 is expected to give head-to-head competition to many bestselling models such as Audi A4, Ford Mondeo, and BMW 3 Series. It is more likely to be provided with topnotch interior cabin design quality that is completely incomparable with any other models in its segment.

citroen ds5 hybrid diesel

Design Cues

The new Citroen DS5 Hybrid diesel model has been developed based on the small C4 design platform rather than the big C5 design platform, while its overall length of nearly 4.5-meters falls between the two models.

At around 1.87-meters, it is marginally wider compared to C5, still it managed to be taller as well, by measuring nearly 1.5-meters high. You sit very high within what looks like lots of soft-touch materials.

You can find a collection of switches over-head that actually controls the head-up display and individual sunroof panels. The company says the DS5’s interior cabin has been largely inspired by an advanced airplane cockpit, and it clearly feels that way.

Power-Train Specifications

Under the hood, the new DS5 Hybrid4 model will be provided with 2 different power sources including a standard 2.0-liter 4-cylinder fuel efficient diesel engine that is good for generating 163bhp and 221 pound-feet of peak torque, and a standard battery powered electric motor integrated on the rear axle, and driving up to 37-bhp and maximum torque of 148 pound-feet.

The engine will be integrated with an automated manual 6-speed gearbox system to transfer the generated output power to the front wheels.

citroen ds5 hybrid diesel

Acceleration Potential and Fuel Economy Details

As claimed by its manufacturer, the new hybrid model will be able to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in decent 8.6-seconds, and it can return a combined fuel mileage that varies from 68.9 mpg to 74.3 mpg.


2012 DS5 Hybrid4 diesel model is expected to come out with a base price of around £33,000.


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