Current Generation Eco Friendly Cars

Posted on 29. May, 2012 by in Hybrid Cars

You can also find plenty of options in the eco friendly cars of today that you could not see in the past. Environmentally friendly cars will fit all your requirements. Car lovers are looking towards the eco-friendly cars due to hike in fuel prices. Here are some of the best eco friendly cars in the current generation.

Nissan Altima

 best eco friendly cars

New Altima is a popular choice for the car lovers today. It has got low-emissions engine that stands as an example in today’s environmental technology.

New Fusion

 best eco friendly cars

Fusion is not only made in America and the company is trying to expand the vehicle globally. It boasts of impressive city mileage of 41 miles per gallon. It is a great choice in the hybrid category and it is also works great with families as it is affordable.

Escape Hybrid

 best eco friendly cars

This car is a good choice for larger families. It will fulfil your needs and the power-train configuration is associated with the SUV. MPG ratings of this particular vehicle are pretty impressive at 34 miles per gallon in the city.

Honda Insight

 best eco friendly cars

Insight offers very good fuel economy and it is priced under $20,000, which makes it an affordable option in the green segment. The name Honda is trustworthy among all the eco-friendly versions.

Honda Civic Hybrid

 best eco friendly cars

It is a long standing model in the popular hybrid segment and these cars are well trusted. The sedan type is very much popular.

Toyota Prius

 best eco friendly cars

New Prius is in 3rd generation and the company keeps the vehicle as breakthrough with environmental technology. It has got many eco-friendly features and it is a affordable model in the market.

Mercury Milan Hybrid

 best eco friendly cars

The new Mercury Milan Hybrid is much sportier as well as eco-friendly. You can travel up to 47 miles per gallon.

Chevy Volt 230

 best eco friendly cars

The car is newest as well as an exciting eco-friendly car that was introduced long back. It can move 230 city miles with one gallon gas. The electric engine in the vehicle is more powerful. It is little expensive when compared to other green cars.

Lexus HS

 best eco friendly cars

It is one of the best hybrids for individuals who want their car to look more appealing. The evironmental technology in the vehicle allows it to achieve 35 miles per gallon.

Cayenne Hybrid

 best eco friendly cars

Cayenne Hybrid has got ultimate status in the green segment with great body and better environmental technology. It is quite pricey and you will feel more proud while driving.


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