Daimler Launches Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid

Posted on 24. Jul, 2012 by in Hybrid Cars

Truck driving across European country is getting little bit greener as Daimler releases Fuso Canter Hybrid. The production of the vehicle has just started and it will be introduced by this yearend in most Western European market.

The brand’s first series manufactured green truck of its segment is to be produced in the region. There have been numerous predecessors, more than 1000 units of the Canter Eco Hybrid and all of them have helped to create the final version with necessary changes. The modification made on its electric drive system saves 23% fuel during short radius distribution operation over other trucks in its segment.

daimler fuso canter

It features parallel hybrid design with an electric motor positioned between the gearbox and clutch. The conventional diesel engine has a 3.0-L displacement that can generate peak torque of 370Nm at 1300-2800rpm, while the 40kW electric motor gives total output of around 200Nm.

The motor draws power from lithium ion batteries that are positioned in nine units that are placed within cool container on the left side between 2 axles. Apart from its performance, the automaker has given their model a strong emphasis on safety. The driver can shut the entire high voltage system by using an emergency button; however, it shuts downs automatically, thanks to the crash sensor. The entire hybrid system comes with a five-year old guarantee.

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