Diesel Hybrid Trucks are In

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Hybrid trucks are the latest offerings after hybrid models entered the automotive market.

Though very few big brands are into hybrid trucks at the moment, eventually all of them are expected to bring out their own models in the segment. Here we try to look into some of the best diesel hybrid trucks.

Ford Diesel Hybrid– Reflex

The new model from the house of Ford has been doing rounds in the media.

ford diesel hybrid– reflex

The hybrid is of compact size and has a superior and powerful diesel – electric engine. It is one of the safest hybrid trucks with complex features like inflatable belts. It also has solar panels. The engine is of superior quality and gives optimum power with its latest lithium ion battery. The model offers an average mileage of 65 miles per gallon.

Dodge Diesel Hybrid– Ram

dodge diesel hybrid– ram

The latest hybrid truck from Dodge is yet to enter the market, but is already creating a buzz all around. The new Ram is equipped with modern features like multi – displacement system, which has the ability to offer more torque that gives more time to operate with just 4 cylinders.

The new system also helps in attaining better fuel economy results. The new hybrid Ram makes use of multi – link rear suspension and a coil – spring instead of the regular leaf springs. A four – pin and a seven – pin trailer wiring connection are there for towing purposes.

These two are arguably the best diesel hybrid trucks currently available. They not only offer improved fuel economy but are also environment friendly.

best diesel hybrid trucks

Dodge Ram Diesel Hybrid

best diesel hybrid trucks

Dodge Diesel Hybrid On Road

best diesel hybrid trucks

Dodge Diesel Hybrid Interior

best diesel hybrid trucks

Ford Diesel Hybrid– Reflex

best diesel hybrid trucks

Ford Diesel Reflex Outlook

best diesel hybrid trucks

Ford Hybrid– Reflex Exterior


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    25. Aug, 2011

    Pick-up trucks are simply getting trendier day by day… they don’t look like trucks anymore, and have transformed into cool SUV-looking crossovers!

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