Hybrid Diesel Cars http://hybriddieselcars.info Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:08:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.5.1 RLX Hybrid Introduced By Acura http://hybriddieselcars.info/2014-rlx-hybrid/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/2014-rlx-hybrid/#comments Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:08:50 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1209 The “most powerful Acura ever built” was manufactured by applying the hybrid treatment to the RLX luxury sedan (which was launched earlier this year) in order to improve mpg and power.

The all new hybrid version is based on the RLX’s 310-horsepower V6 which blends power output from 3 motors to manifest a 377-horsepower sedan that is all wheel drive along with a 7 speed dual clutch transmission.

2014 rlx hybrid

Fans of performance will be elated with the 4 wheel steering and torque vectoring that essentially applies thrust that is reverse to the rear wheel during cornering, this slows the rate of speed to allow making crisper turns without regard to a heavy front of weight bias and suspension which makes for a comfortable ride.

The mileage is about 28 city, 30 combines and 32 highway but the RLX easily exceeds 31 highway, 24 combines and 20 city.
The price hasn’t been set yet though it will surely be modelled after the price of RLX. It is predicted that it will be in the range of $61,000 and above.

The RLX Hybrid’s V6 which has the capacity of 3.5 litres is a version of the hybrid system that will be used in the soon to be revealed NSX sports hybrid called the “SH-AWD”

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Exclusive Photo Gallery of Toyota i-Road Electric Car http://hybriddieselcars.info/i-road-car-pictures/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/i-road-car-pictures/#comments Wed, 04 Dec 2013 06:04:06 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1200 Most auto manufacturers are turning to electric cars as it offers zero-emission, but 4-wheel electric vehicles can be expensive and heavy too. Hence, in order to offer urban users the better car, Toyota has introduced i-Road.

The tiny, 3-wheeled EV is a crossover between a motorcycle and car. Being referred to as personal mobility car, i-Road looks like a fully enclosed scooter rather than an auto vehicle.

i-road car

It gets active-lean suspension system, steering wheel, and a roof of course; it measures 92.5-in long, 59.6-in high and 33.5-in wide. There aren’t many exciting EVs in the market presently and this new concept is sure to give unique driver experience.

Below you can find some amazing pictures of the latest i-Road car.

i-road car

New i-Road Side View

i-road car

New i-Road On Road

i-road car

New i-Road Rear View

i-road car i-road car i-road car
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General Motors Considering Diesel and Hybrid SUVs for GMC, Cadillac, and Chevrolet http://hybriddieselcars.info/general-motors-considering-diesel-and-hybrid-suvs-for-gmc-cadillac-and-chevrolet/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/general-motors-considering-diesel-and-hybrid-suvs-for-gmc-cadillac-and-chevrolet/#comments Mon, 28 Oct 2013 08:17:53 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1190 General Motors is considering different technical solutions for the recently announced big SUVs from GMC, Chevy, and Cadillac. GM is considering the 2015 GMC Yukon, Chevy Tahoe, and Cadillac Escalade with diesel engines, hybrid power-trains, and top-end transmissions.

GM’s executive chief engineer Jeff Luke has confirmed the technical proposals for the large SUVs.

gm diesel and hybrid suvs

The extended ESV and Escalade models share the same platform as that of Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon, and Suburban; all these vehicles will be launched in North America during the 1st quarter of 2014.

Luke confirmed that 6-speed transmission in Escalade will be replaced by a top-geared transmission. GM is now working on 10-speed and 8-speed transmissions, both for the RWD applications.

Source : Cars Scoops

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2014 Range Rover Hybrid Drive Report http://hybriddieselcars.info/2014-range-rover-hybrid-drive-report/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/2014-range-rover-hybrid-drive-report/#comments Fri, 18 Oct 2013 08:30:11 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1186 Land Rover has been everything in all these years but an environment friendly machine. The vehicle as such has been hugely successful since its inception but its engine and its tires have done enough damage to the nature around us.

But, Jaguar’s Land Rover is in a mood to change that image now as it plans to roll out its new Range Rover Hybrid, the prototype of which has been tested by few leading auto journalists.

2014 range rover hybrid

We have to say that the statistics look impressive. The hybrid is not powered by a great V8 or even a diesel powerplant. Instead in comes a smaller 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine with twin-turbocharger. The engine is a straight pick from TDV6, which is currently being sold in Europe.

To this engine setup, which is coupled with an 8 speed auto transmission system, Land Rover adds an electric motor along with a humble lithium-ion pack. The electric motor generates 47 hp. The resulting fuel economy is impressive as well with an average of 37 mpg. But obviously, you can’t compare it with the likes of Toyota Prius as the small engine in Range Rover Hybrid may give disproportionate fuel economy results while city driving.

The vehicle is not intended for U.S. market as of now and the automakers plans to release it only in Europe market.

Source : Green Car Reports

2014 range rover hybrid

2014 Range Rover Hybrid Exterior

2014 range rover hybrid

2014 Range Rover Hybrid On Road

2014 range rover hybrid

2014 Range Rover Hybrid Outlook

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Swiss to Develop Hybrid Engine http://hybriddieselcars.info/swiss-to-develop-hybrid-engine/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/swiss-to-develop-hybrid-engine/#comments Fri, 13 Sep 2013 07:44:07 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1182 When combined with electric motor and battery, the most efficient engine can provide a hybrid vehicle equivalent of 80mpg. Researchers at Swiss Fed, Zurich have created the most efficient engine, which operates on a combined effect of diesel and natural gas. The combination of electric motor and battery make it a hybrid car that achieves 80MPGE.

According to researchers, this figure is better than 50mpg, which is the standard rate in most hybrid vehicles, like Toyota Prius. The one and only possible catch is finding both diesel and natural gas for refueling.

swiss to develop hybrid engine

The advanced technology used by Swiss researchers offer an alternative to plug-in hybrid and electric cars for attaining mpg standards across the globe. In European market, the standard value of the vehicle to be reached is nearly 55mpgE by 2020. The US is also bringing somewhere around the same rating, which would be effective by 2025.

This number will make the vehicle manufacturer to sell their models that exceed those targets to offset fuel emissions from larger vehicles, including SUVs.

Source: EV World

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Top 5 Electric Cars for 2014 http://hybriddieselcars.info/new-electric-cars-2014/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/new-electric-cars-2014/#comments Tue, 11 Jun 2013 12:24:09 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1157 2014 is really an exciting time for EV enthusiasts; few years ago, only handful of options was available, but now there are different sized, styled electric cars. Things will get even better in 2014 or near future and this list has top 5 new electric cars 2014.

In the world of green vehicles, the economy and performance rule the day, compromising styling; however, auto manufacturers have come up with 2014 hybrid and electric cars, which has exceptional style, delivering unbeatable fuel efficiency.

2014 Cadillac ELR

new electric cars 2014

Like Volt, Cadillac ELR is driven by a 1.4-L gasoline and electric drive-train; it produces little more torque and power than the new Volt. The sleek coupe is listed at 35miles after full charge.

2014 Chevy Spark EV

new electric cars 2014

The automaker has taken this edition quite seriously and re-engineered the gasoline power-train to get more power and torque. It will go on sale in Europe, US, Canadian and South Korean markets and the price of EV in US starts at $32,500.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe

new electric cars 2014

This high performance car from Mercedes comes with lot of energy and style; it even broke the record at Nurburgring with a record lap of 7:56.234 minutes, making it the first EV powered series to cloak race track under just 8 minutes.

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid

new electric cars 2014

Though Mitsubishi is witnessing low sales in the US market, nothing stops it from introducing Outlander hybrid. This plug-in vehicle has captured the attention of viewers with its modern looks and greener power-train.

Toyota Auris

new electric cars 2014

Developed by Toyota, Auris is technically a hybrid, but its 85g per km emission and 75mpg make it impressive for several factors. The edge over, exceptional design, and impressive mileage is Toyota’s effort to bring another serious entry into the world of greener vehicles.

We can expect lot many changes and updates in 2014.

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Four Ideas to Avoid Getting Ripped Off With A Car http://hybriddieselcars.info/four-ideas-to-avoid-getting-ripped-off-with-a-car/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/four-ideas-to-avoid-getting-ripped-off-with-a-car/#comments Mon, 22 Apr 2013 12:23:04 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1137 Car buying can be a hassle that most of us would willingly avoid. The games that dealerships play, especially with those who have low credit scores are despicable. Some dealerships cheat their customers as evidenced by the Joe Gibson debacle that hit the news a while back. Bait and switch tactics and other illegal tactics were practiced by this dealership. So, in order to help, here are four ideas to avoid getting ripped off with a car by either a dealer or individual.

four ideas to avoid getting ripped off with a car

Research the Vehicle You Want

Doing your research on the vehicle that you want can keep you from getting ripped off. Here’s the reason why doing your research is a lifesaver. If you know, for example that the price of the car you want didn’t cost the dealership as much as they are charging you, it can make the difference. Use negotiation skills to get a fair mark up with the automobile that you have your eyes on. Realize that you will not pay what the dealership paid for the car.

Check Out The Automotive Dealer Before You Go

Before you go and purchase a car, a little detective work is needed. Take the time to check out the particular dealership and see if there are complaints against it. This can be done by the BBB or other authorities.Even with this,you will need to check out the auto loan refinance companies Massachusetts if you are trying to get a car refinanced. If you hear of any complaints, consider whether or not you would want to do business with this entity. If there are serious complaints, do the right thing and go to a different dealer.

Know The Blue Book Value of Your Trade In

Here is where people get ripped off the most. Before you go into any dealership or deal with any individual, you need to know what the true trade in value of your automobile is. Consult a Kelly Blue Book for your car’s model year and make. That will give you the true trade in value. If they do not want to give you what the car is worth, and it is in great condition, go elsewhere. You have the right to say ‘NO’ to any dealership or individual

Talk To A Professional Broker for Cars

These people can cut the bull that the dealer or individual is spouting and get to the heart of the matter quickly as well as get to the bottom line. Brokers like these do charge for their services and most of the time they only deal with dealerships. But utilizing their services will be a money saver as well as time saver. They know all the ins and outs of dealing with dealerships and can get their clients the best car for the money. Their years of experience will get you a great car and not some lemon waiting to be foisted on you unknowingly.

These tips, if followed can help you immensely to get the car you want, at a price that you want without all the bullying that usually goes on at times in a dealership. Dealers think that they control the game of car selling, but with the utilization of these tips, you will be the one in control and will get what you need for a car without getting ripped off.

Author Bio:

Elaine Dundy helps those burned by car dealerships to get what they need, including the auto loan refinance companies Massachusetts. Let her advice and experience help you get your next car!

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How to find out Hyundai auto parts at best price? http://hybriddieselcars.info/how-to-find-out-hyundai-auto-parts-at-best-price/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/how-to-find-out-hyundai-auto-parts-at-best-price/#comments Fri, 19 Apr 2013 13:15:31 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1134 Almost each one of us knows about Hyundai cars, which are amongst the bestsellers in the market. This business was started in Korea, initially on a small scale, but eventually got counted among the world’s leading brands. They are huge automobile business in today’s market. It has grown at a great speed and is still getting bigger. There are two important reasons that the company is so popular.

• Firstly, they make family cars with comfort, luxury, and high performance.

• Secondly, they provide good service with durable products at efficient cost.

More the popularity of these cars, accordingly more is the demand for the parts of the car.

hyundai auto parts

Car Models

There are many Hyundai cars, with each car having a large share in the market. These include popular names like Accent, Stellar, Excel, and Elantra. There are more names on the list like Sonata, Pony, etc. Further, there are several variants under each of these models. Models are newly launched every year. Every model has its own specific parts.

Why parts are essential?

Car is generally a product that has use with continuous wear and tear. This wear and tear slowly causes problems after an assured warranty period. This is the time when one starts searching for parts of the car. If you have Hyundai car, then you would necessarily need Hyundai car parts of the same model. This is crucial for lengthening the life of your car.

Where to find car parts?

Car parts are easily available in the market. Especially if they are Hyundai auto parts you can easily get them because the company ensures that they manufacture car parts so that customers can continue using their cars. No matter which year model one owns, they can get parts for every Hyundai car manufactured. This is one of the greatest advantages of driving Hyundai cars. It is not difficult to find these parts as they have many store outlets, which would help you in getting them. Apart from these, the easiest way to get Hyundai auto parts is to find them online. Online Hyundai store is easy to browse and you can search the part you need conveniently.

Online stores are designed to be user friendly and they deliver parts at your door step. There is not much research work needed.

Competition and original

There is huge competition around the world amongst the automobile world. It is really not easy to stick to one offer. However, one has to remember that there is nothing that can replace original. Because of the huge competition in the automobile world, one can get a variety of choice amongst the non-original parts, which are similar to Hyundai auto parts. However, these are equally comparable to the original with respect to performance, and are cheaper than them. It is not advisable to use cheaper parts as they would damage your car more getting you to spend more on your vehicle. This is obviously not what you would want and hence it is worth buying original Hyundai parts.

Online stores

Online stores, as mentioned earlier, are easy to browse through with no complicated procedures. You can simply type in the model number and get all the information. There are good discounts offered, which can prove to be of great benefit with regards to the cost. There are many offers that would give you more from the shopping.

Hyundai cars are reliably durable and one must prefer original Hyundai auto parts to lengthen the life of car.

Author Bio

Sharon Sylvia has researched in depth about the various types of cars and has excellent knowledge about Hyundai parts as these are durable, efficient, and long lasting.

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4 Things That You Should Know Before Getting the Paint Job Done On Your Car http://hybriddieselcars.info/4-things-that-you-should-know-before-getting-the-paint-job-done-on-your-car/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/4-things-that-you-should-know-before-getting-the-paint-job-done-on-your-car/#comments Mon, 08 Apr 2013 10:53:49 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1123 People decide to paint cars quite often, so that they look good as new again. It is always a great feeling to drive cars when they are spotless. You can have multiple coatings of paint on your car, so that its appearance becomes bright and shiny.

You will need to ensure that you choose the right type of color, since paint jobs can be quite expensive. You wouldn’t want to regret choosing the wrong color in a few weeks after getting it painted.

paint job done on your car

People go for painting due to a number of reasons, and some of the common reasons are as listed below:

• To give a new and attractive look to the car
• To hide dent marks on the car due to any accident
• To hide wear and tear marks due to long usage
• As a part of the maintenance of the car after a certain period

Based on the purpose of painting, you need to choose the quality of the paint. Say if you are planning to sell your vehicle, then you could decide to go for a cheaper paint job. There are many different varieties available in the market, and you can pick the based on your liking, needs, and budgets.

The paint that you apply on the surface of the car must remain intact for a long time. In addition to that it must also meet various other requirements of your vehicle.

Now, let us look into a few of the qualities that you must look for while selecting the paint for your automobile.


You must select a paint based on the present condition of your car. You must not choose an expensive one to coat your old vehicle, which you have already used for sufficient number of years. In case, your automobile is not too old then it makes sense to go with a costly paint to spice up its looks. However, at the same time you should not compromise on the quality. Whatever you select must be a cost-effective bet, so that you get the best value for your money. While selecting the color you must consider the original shade; otherwise after a few months, your car might look a little weird.

You Must Check the Adhesive Quality of the Paint

While selecting the color coat you must consult an expert and make sure that when you apply the paint it must hold properly onto the surface of your vehicle. If you want to run your car for a long time then this is one of the important points to be considered. If you use low quality paint then within a short period of time your auto will give an older appearance, which will defeat the very purpose of painting your car.

Choose Environment-Friendly Paint

When you select the paint, you must make sure that it does not produce any adverse effect on the environment. You need to consult some expert in order to know about this. You must choose a coating from a well-known brand, which are usually environmentally friendly.


You must ensure that the paint is durable enough to last for a few years. It must remain in the same condition in all types of weather. Also, it should not get washed away after you send your vehicle for servicing.

An auto painting job is complicated and quite a huge job. If it is not done in the right way, it can lead to a series of problems. Therefore, you can get it done professionally.

Author’s Bio

Adam is an experienced writer, and his posts on topics related to automobiles are liked by many of the leading automotive blog readers. He also runs an online auto parts store that offers VW Carburetor Parts and accessories.

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2014 VW XL1 Hybrid Pictures http://hybriddieselcars.info/2014-volkswagen-xl1-picture-collection/ http://hybriddieselcars.info/2014-volkswagen-xl1-picture-collection/#comments Mon, 25 Feb 2013 10:03:21 +0000 Anjy http://hybriddieselcars.info/?p=1095 The all new XL1 hybrid from the house of Volkswagen boasts of as much as 261 mpg or 100 kilometers per 0.9 liters, which is the best fuel economy figure ever. The vehicle is debuting at 2013 Geneva Motor Show on March 5th. In terms of design and outlook, the vehicle looks as futuristic as possible. Both from the outside and from the inside, the new XL1 offers design and style not seen anywhere else.

2014 volkswagen xl1

The vehicle is not only about mpg figures and great looks but is extremely functional as well. The lines on the hybrid efficiently complement the extremely slippery drag coefficient of 0.186. The vehicle doesn’t have side mirrors; instead it gets reverse looking cameras.

2014 vw xl1

Take a look at this exciting picture collection of 2014 Volkswagen XL1 presented below.

2014 volkswagen xl1

2014 XL1 Exterior

2014 volkswagen xl1

2014 XL1 Front View

2014 volkswagen xl1

2014 XL1 Hybrid

2014 volkswagen xl1 2014 volkswagen xl1 2014 volkswagen xl1
2014 volkswagen xl1

2014 volkswagen xl1 2014 volkswagen xl1
2014 xl1

2014 xl1 2014 xl1
2014 vw xl1

2014 vw xl1 2014 vw xl1
2014 vw xl1

2014 vw xl1 2014 vw xl1
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