Fisker Karma Recalled Over Cooling Fan

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Fisker, the hybrid automaker is eventually recalling its luxury plug-in sedan, Karma to change the cooling fan as it’s considered to have caused a fire earlier in August 2012. The automaker said that it has finished its analysis and study into the vehicle fire on August 10th in Woodside, California with the help of another investigation group, named Pacific Rim Services.

The summary is that the faults in the cooling fan caused it to stop working, overheat, and begin a slow burning fire. In a statement provided by the company, it was said that pressurizing of the fire wasn’t caused by the lithium ion battery pack.

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Talking about the recall, Henrik Fisker, who’s the co-founder and executive chairman of the company said that they are responding very quickly and determined to fix problems such as this. This problem is caused from a single damaged component and not from the $100k worth unique engineering or power-train. This recall might not affect company’s financial impact as it’s just a single unit to get replaced.

The company has issued a recall of about 2400 Karma vehicles, following a roadside fire in Woodside. On Aug 10, 2012, this incident was posted on influential blogs, such as Jalopnik and Greentech Media. The company took it seriously as they thought it might stain sedan’s rocky rollout. The car’s owner parked his car in Woodside and when he returned from shopping, he found that the left front of sedan was smoldering.

After a series of test, automaker said that the fire wasn’t caused by the battery, but by a cooling fan. Though NHTSA hasn’t reported anything, automaker is voluntarily conducting the recall of cooling fan of the $102,000 Karma. During the investigation, an ignition source was placed at the left front of the car, where cooling fan is situated. The final outcome was that the low-temperature fan had an internal damage that caused a slow burning fire.

Automaker estimates about 1000 Karmas being sold this year, but they are recalling cars from previous year too. Automaker is aiming to sell up to total of 115,000 Fisker models by 2015. It has already received $530million loan from All Energy Department to build Karma plug-in hybrid vehicle and Atlantic family sedan.

Recalls happen to every manufacturer, but fire is a severe problem and it has to be really investigated under the microscope. Karma customers can contact Fisker dealers to have the cooling fan replaced.

• Source: Mercury News


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