Plug-in Hybrid Competes with Other Top Models

Posted on 03. Aug, 2012 by in News

Cutthroat competition, which characterizes the auto market of United States, is starting to dip into new segment of the auto industry – rechargeable cars. Company has announced the price for new C-max Energi plug-in version. After taking several federal tax credits into consideration the complete amount will depend on the battery size in the car.

Pricing of plug-in hybrids are very competitively achieved and the sales of these models are very less in US market.

These vehicles are becoming affordable for most of the consumers.

ford c-max energi

Company set the C-MAX plug-in sticker price as $33,745, which includes destination charges. Sticker on new Prius plug-in starts at $32,795. It has also got smallest battery in the lineup.

When you purchase a car, price is not the only factor and each of the plugins add great driving dynamics and distinct characteristics.

Prius plug-in version checks in with 11 mile electric range and Toyota is the most established brand. With the conventional hybrid system, drivers cannot recharge the vehicle and drive solely on the electric power. However, the new C Max is the best selling model in the current world.



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