Four Ideas to Avoid Getting Ripped Off With A Car

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Car buying can be a hassle that most of us would willingly avoid. The games that dealerships play, especially with those who have low credit scores are despicable. Some dealerships cheat their customers as evidenced by the Joe Gibson debacle that hit the news a while back. Bait and switch tactics and other illegal tactics were practiced by this dealership. So, in order to help, here are four ideas to avoid getting ripped off with a car by either a dealer or individual.

four ideas to avoid getting ripped off with a car

Research the Vehicle You Want

Doing your research on the vehicle that you want can keep you from getting ripped off. Here’s the reason why doing your research is a lifesaver. If you know, for example that the price of the car you want didn’t cost the dealership as much as they are charging you, it can make the difference. Use negotiation skills to get a fair mark up with the automobile that you have your eyes on. Realize that you will not pay what the dealership paid for the car.

Check Out The Automotive Dealer Before You Go

Before you go and purchase a car, a little detective work is needed. Take the time to check out the particular dealership and see if there are complaints against it. This can be done by the BBB or other authorities.Even with this,you will need to check out the auto loan refinance companies Massachusetts if you are trying to get a car refinanced. If you hear of any complaints, consider whether or not you would want to do business with this entity. If there are serious complaints, do the right thing and go to a different dealer.

Know The Blue Book Value of Your Trade In

Here is where people get ripped off the most. Before you go into any dealership or deal with any individual, you need to know what the true trade in value of your automobile is. Consult a Kelly Blue Book for your car’s model year and make. That will give you the true trade in value. If they do not want to give you what the car is worth, and it is in great condition, go elsewhere. You have the right to say ‘NO’ to any dealership or individual

Talk To A Professional Broker for Cars

These people can cut the bull that the dealer or individual is spouting and get to the heart of the matter quickly as well as get to the bottom line. Brokers like these do charge for their services and most of the time they only deal with dealerships. But utilizing their services will be a money saver as well as time saver. They know all the ins and outs of dealing with dealerships and can get their clients the best car for the money. Their years of experience will get you a great car and not some lemon waiting to be foisted on you unknowingly.

These tips, if followed can help you immensely to get the car you want, at a price that you want without all the bullying that usually goes on at times in a dealership. Dealers think that they control the game of car selling, but with the utilization of these tips, you will be the one in control and will get what you need for a car without getting ripped off.

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Elaine Dundy helps those burned by car dealerships to get what they need, including the auto loan refinance companies Massachusetts. Let her advice and experience help you get your next car!


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