Gas and Electric Hybrids are Still Dominating Fully Electric Offerings

Posted on 25. Aug, 2012 by in News

With the release of the much-awaited Tesla Model S, it is reported to start selling at $50,000 and when compared over other offerings, it’s considered to be decent with its electric engine.

GM’s Chevy Volt is priced at $39,145, which is a gasoline and electric hybrid; it is the best EV in its segment. The other popular contenders are Nissan Leaf ($27,700), Fisker Karma ($96,900), and Ford Focus Electric ($39,000). All the plug-in vehicles are the creation from the publicly traded companies than privately-owned Fisker.

Chevy’s Volt gained fame that has spread widely across US, where as Ford’s Focus and Nissan’s Leaf are reported to have downtime in sales when compared to last year.

electric hybrid car

Leaf has been reflecting the trends in the ‘fully electric’ vehicles, a market that many makers, including Toyota, BMW, Mitsubishi, GM, and Honda have tried to rule with their offerings. Fisker’s Karma is now available with a hefty price tag and moreover, it has been criticized heavily due to several automotive recalls.

Toyota offers Prius, and Camry Hybrid that achieves mileage above 30 mpg and is facing good time in terms of sales, like Chevy Volt.

As the electric/gas market gains traction, we can expect more options in upcoming years and it is predicted that half of the new car sales will be only hybrid within next few years.

• Source: Benzinga


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