65 % of Hybrid Owners Don’t Think of Buying Another Hybrid

Posted on 18. Apr, 2012 by in News

Rise in gas prices and overall sales of hybrid vehicles seem to be correlated. However, great fuel economy from these vehicles doesn’t get any kind of attention from the hybrid owners, when they are planning to buy another hybrid model.

Recent study from the automotive info reveals that only 35 percent of hybrid owners are thinking about purchasing a new hybrid vehicle. The number has started getting worse when owners of Prius have been dropped from the equation. Good news for hybrid manufacturers is that loyalty figures of hybrid are low and loyalty figures for the brand are high.

Polk’s data displays that loyalty among the Toyota owners was around 60 percent. Brand loyalty among the Honda owners was around 52%.

Reason for low hybrid loyalty rate is the improved fuel efficiency across the complete fleet of autos available in US.

Looking at the complete hybrid loyalty numbers, Polk examined the loyalty by the market and the data is quite surprising.

Top 5 cities for hybrid loyalty in the year 2011 were

West Palm Beach, Fla. with 43.2 %
Phoenix, Ariz. with 40.2 %
Orlando, Fla. with 39.9 %
Tampa, Fla. with 39.9 %
St. Louis, Mo. with 38.45 %


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