Exclusive Photo Gallery of Toyota i-Road Electric Car

Posted on 04. Dec, 2013 by in Hybrid Cars

Most auto manufacturers are turning to electric cars as it offers zero-emission, but 4-wheel electric vehicles can be expensive and heavy too. Hence, in order to offer urban users the better car, Toyota has introduced i-Road.

The tiny, 3-wheeled EV is a crossover between a motorcycle and car. Being referred to as personal mobility car, i-Road looks like a fully enclosed scooter rather than an auto vehicle.

i-road car

It gets active-lean suspension system, steering wheel, and a roof of course; it measures 92.5-in long, 59.6-in high and 33.5-in wide. There aren’t many exciting EVs in the market presently and this new concept is sure to give unique driver experience.

Below you can find some amazing pictures of the latest i-Road car.

i-road car

New i-Road Side View

i-road car

New i-Road On Road

i-road car

New i-Road Rear View

i-road car i-road car i-road car


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