Is the Latest 2013 C-Max Hybrid a Prius Killer?

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Can the upcoming 2013 C-Max hybrid from Ford Motors blow off the Toyota-built Prius completely from its grand perch?
It has been almost 15 long years ever since the Japan-built Prius made its debut, but still manages to clearly define the present-day hybrid vehicle business. In fact, it is no doubt an astonishing dominance, which is comparable with the standing of the iPod in the present moveable media player segment.

Prius clearly outperforms all other hybrid vehicles united in the United States market; however, it really doesn’t suggest that it will continue to perform with the present scale of dominance in the coming days as well. It has been reported that the America-based Ford Motors is planning to release its brand-new C-Max hybrid for the 2013 model year to compete directly against Prius.

2013 c-max hybrid

In fact, the name of C-Max is as silly as that of Prius; however, its mission is very genuine, which is to present stiff rivalry to Prius, and perhaps attempt to force it to 2nd position in the bestselling hybrid models list in U.S. market. The general car tech in the latest C-Max interior cabin is actually puzzled with standard features that could be categorized as good, bad, and even outdated.

It is expected to come equipped with all the latest safety features that one would expect from a present-day vehicle, including blind spot alerting systems, safety passenger and driver airbags. We have to wait, and see if C-Max will be able to succeed in its venture to knock off the bestselling position of Prius.

2013 ford c-max hybrid

2013 C-Max Interior

2013 ford c-max hybrid

2013 C-Max Hybrid

2013 ford c-max hybrid

2013 C-Max Exterior

Source : CNET


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