The New Hybrid SUVs in the Market

Posted on 30. Apr, 2012 by in Hybrid Cars

SUVs and crossovers are anyway the most sought-after body styles in the auto market; no wonder the competition amongst the automakers for this segment is fierce. In spite of considering the looks, power, muscularity, practicality, and utility of these vehicles, we cannot overlook the fact that most of them burn fuel like anything and the their gas economy figures are hardly anyway close to those offered by other body styles.

The ever increasing fuel prices make things far worse. In such a situation, a hybrid alternative can be the best option; even though it often comes little harder on your pocket but it definitely makes daily driving far less expensive. Here we present am enticing list of hybrid SUVs that offer value for money.

1. Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell: This is still a concept that has not gone for mass production but as and when it does, for sure it will have a long list of takers.

list of hybrid suvs

Recently over 3000 real world motorists have tested 100 of these vehicles. It is hydrogen-powered and promises a very respectable 43mpg on highways.

2. Lexus RX450H: Yes the Lexus guys are also very much in the hybrid game. RX450H hybrid comes powered by a 3.5liter V6 engine, which is teamed with an electric motor.

list of hybrid suvs

The vehicle can run on gasoline alone, or electric power alone or combined.

3. Lexus RX Hybrid: This one is probably the best mid size luxury SUV out there plus it is a hybrid too. Within city limits, the vehicle promises 32mpg while on highways it can return 28mpg.

list of hybrid suvs

The vehicle is offered in one well appointed variant only. The starting price is $44,995.

4. Audi Q5 Hybrid: This downsized version of Q7 packs in power, performance, and economy in one super stylish vehicle.

list of hybrid suvs

The combined gas economy figures of the hybrid version vary from 26mpg to 27mpg as against that of regular Q5, which returns just 22mpg.

5. Mitsubishi PX-MiEV: This mid size plug-in-hybrid is still in its concept form but has all the goods to make history once it enters production.

list of hybrid suvs

The vehicle promises to return as much as 120mpg. It can function either as a pure electric vehicle, parallel hybrid or a series hybrid.


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