The New Baby 2013 Prius C

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The automaker plans a baby Prius that’s quite different from their signature larger wagon-like hybrid hatch model. The exterior styling has been changed from the funky concept preview. As a fact, it is an affordable and youth-oriented car counter to Honda’s CR-Z.

What It Is?

The new C might actually be based on Yaris platform, while V is based on the stretched version of Prius. The automaker had unveiled the concept version of it in 2011 Detroit Motor Show and production version will be an updated version of the concept.

new toyota prius

It is manufactured at the brand’s European design center, where Lexus’s CT-200h hybrid car is being developed. Both are four-door designs aimed mainly at European customers with the hope to find sufficient sales in North America.

Looking the Part

According to the company, the inspiration behind adding the additional member to Prius family is value-oriented hybrid cars in American market, where highest mileage cars are always of high priority. It will feature 19-in shorter wheelbase and about 2-in shorter than the original and obviously it’ll allow lighter and smaller battery pack.

new toyota prius

It shares no styling cues with the larger Prius, but it gets more tunnel-proven shape of the original. Its drag coefficient is higher than the one it is based. On the whole, it is a pleasant looking subcompact hatch that doesn’t necessarily look bored without a bumper sticker.


Stepping inside, you’ll find it more traditional than the old Prius, thanks to the engineering and designing team who created something appealing. Though no tachometer is offered, the LCD features some innovative functions that allow the driver to monitor how much they are saving Prius C. A conventional dashboard layout of high-resolution LCD and digital speedometer are simple to sort their way.

The front passenger compartment is spacious with 2-seat design, a simple 4-way style and heavily bolstered height adjustable style for base and high-end trims are offered.


new toyota prius

The small Prius will have a similar power-train and EPA rating same as the main; it gets an updated version of the brand’s Hybrid synergy drive and plug-in charging facility has not been offered. It uses conventional nickel metal hydride and advanced lithium ion battery set up.

With the help of 1.5-L gasoline engine and 144V hydride battery, the new Toyota Prius 2013 achieves 51mpg in city and 53mpg on highways, which is the first highest fuel efficient car in America without plug in. It reaches 0-60 mph acceleration in 12 seconds.


new toyota prius

The outstanding fuel efficient car is expected to begin sales in mid 2012 and would be the cheapest hybrid sold in America as it costs not more than $20,000.


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