Pricing Details of Peugeot 508 Hybrid

Posted on 27. Mar, 2012 by in News

UK pricing of the two new Peugeot 508 variants has been confirmed. Both the vehicles make use of Hybrid4 system and both are ready for booking, but 508 RXH hybrid SUV will be the first to enter the showrooms.

The SUV will have a price tag of £33,695 and will enter the showrooms in May. Soon after its launch we’ll see the Saloon version coming after a month, which will wear a price tag of £31,450.

2012 peugeot 508 rxh diesel electric hybrid

The SUV has its diesel engine powering the wheels at the front and electric motor powering the rear wheels. The engine generates 200hp and it accelerates from 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds and manages a top speed of 132mph.

The SUV returns 68.9mpg of gas economy while Saloon returns 78.5mpg as it has the same power-train but with a lighter and aerodynamic body design.


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