Sales of Hybrid Trucks to Exceed 100,000 in 2017, while E.V.’s Continue to Be Costly

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According to the statement of US based analyst firm, Pike Research, the importance for hybrid truck is increasing with the falling costs of technology and increase in prices of diesel; the sales are expected to go beyond 100,000 automobiles annually by 2017.

Corresponding to this report, the British non-profit organizations have found that electric vehicles will not get cheaper anytime.

According to a study undertaken by UK based Element Energy and commissioned by police advisory group, the prices of electric vehicles will not be competitive and will not probably be in similar range as that of conventional ones until 2030.

ev trucks

According to Low CVP, currently the overall cost of owning environmental-friendly electric vehicles, starting from upfront price to operation costs like fuel and insurance is approximately $8,000, which is more than that of diesel and petrol cars.

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