Strong Growth of Hybrid Diesel Cars in US

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With the rise in gasoline price, the clean-diesel technology continues to rule America’s automotive sales. The sales of the vehicles with diesel engine combined with hybrid technology are climbing in significant level.

VW plans to increase the output of Passat sedan, powering turbo direct injection diesel engine as there is a high demand for this midsize sedan in US. As of now, the diesel units account for about 20% of Passat, while the company is expecting to sustain for a longer duration on TDI version. The clean version of diesel engine achieves significantly higher fuel economy over gasoline.

US’s clean diesel sales of vehicles in the first half three months of the year expanded by 28% compared with last year’s record, including 30% year-year increase in April and 14% and 22% in the months of May and June respectively.

mercedes benz s class

Diesel Technology Forum also reported that the sales of the hybrid cars increased by about 60%. All these stats indicate that both diesel and hybrid technologies are gaining attention from US customers due to the availability of the models in wider variety of styles, more attractive options, and much-better mileage. New standards and regulations are making automakers to boast of higher mileage for their models.

More than fifteen new clean-diesel vehicles are expected arrive in American market over next 2 years. The much anticipated new models with clean-diesel technology to arrive include VW Beetle, Audi Q5, A4, A6, A8, Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Chevy Cruze, and Cadillac ATS.

As a brand, it looks like Audi is getting many benefits from diesel technology, similar to Volkswagen. The sales of the new A3 increased by nearly 30% over a year, while Q7 SUV accounted for 25% of sales till this July. BMW is expanding its current clean-diesel lineup in United States with both 2.0-L and 3.0-L I-6 engines. The first mainstream clean-diesel version to be manufactured by an Asian automaker is a new Mazda model.




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