Swiss to Develop Hybrid Engine

Posted on 13. Sep, 2013 by in News

When combined with electric motor and battery, the most efficient engine can provide a hybrid vehicle equivalent of 80mpg. Researchers at Swiss Fed, Zurich have created the most efficient engine, which operates on a combined effect of diesel and natural gas. The combination of electric motor and battery make it a hybrid car that achieves 80MPGE.

According to researchers, this figure is better than 50mpg, which is the standard rate in most hybrid vehicles, like Toyota Prius. The one and only possible catch is finding both diesel and natural gas for refueling.

swiss to develop hybrid engine

The advanced technology used by Swiss researchers offer an alternative to plug-in hybrid and electric cars for attaining mpg standards across the globe. In European market, the standard value of the vehicle to be reached is nearly 55mpgE by 2020. The US is also bringing somewhere around the same rating, which would be effective by 2025.

This number will make the vehicle manufacturer to sell their models that exceed those targets to offset fuel emissions from larger vehicles, including SUVs.

Source: EV World


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