Top 6 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

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After you have purchased the motorcycle that you had always dreamt of, you are all set to scorch the streets! But, before that, wouldn’t you also want to buy some great accessories to go with your new bike? You definitely wouldn’t mind spending a few dollars more for the essential motorcycle gears if you have purchased a bike that is up to your standards! Here’s a listing of the top 6 must-have motorcycle accessories that can make your riding experience safer and more enjoyable. So, get set to wear all the gear each time you ride your new bike!


One of the most crucial motorcycle accessories for the protection of the rider is the helmet. They are available in different shapes, colors, and sizes to go well with your bike. Ensure that the helmet you purchase meets the safety standards set by your country’s transport authority. A good helmet should fit you perfectly – it should neither be too loose nor too tight, but should rather be snug and comfortable. Airoh Aviator helmet is one of the best choices that you can make, especially owing to its quality, features, and safety standards.

Crash Damage Protectors

There are several crash damage protectors for your motorcycle, though these are not available as original equipments fixed on the bike by the manufacturer. Such damage protecting accessories are highly important and few of these include fairing protectors, frame sliders, and crash bobbins. The fundamental purpose of these is to safeguard the engine and the internal parts in case of an accident.


Saddlebags (or Panniers) may be offered as original fitting by the manufacturer, but are also easily available in the motorbike accessory market. They are made of either soft or hard material. The soft saddlebags are generally available in the form of leather or textile bags, while the harder ones are made in injection molded plastic like ABS. It may or may not have locking facility, but is certainly a must-have motorcycle accessory.

Windscreens and Fairings

This is again a very useful accessory for your motorbike, which is also highly fashionable. These windscreens and fairings are made of high quality acrylic plastic, the main purpose of which is to safeguard the rider from wind on the face and also to enhance the bike’s aero dynamism.


Earlier, motorbikes used to come with sidecar as an original equipment fitting, but now it is not. But still, it is very popular among a particular category of bike owners. Once the sidecar is installed, your motorcycle can be used as a 3-wheel vehicle in which three people can travel.

Motorcycle Jacket and Gloves

Motorcycle jacket and gloves can greatly enhance your riding experience. While the jacket can protect you from scratches on few parts of your body, the gloves can offer you a good grip, control, and comfort while maneuvering the vehicle thus making it easy to operate.

Most of the motorcycle accessories seem to be a vital styling element for teenagers or college goers; however, most of these also prove to be handy in wet and cold weather conditions, since they can enhance the comfort of the driver to a considerable extent. So, pick the best of these accessories to enhance your riding experience.

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