Toyota Sold 4 Million Hybrid Cars

Posted on 07. Jun, 2012 by in News

Looks like the demand for hybrid cars will never go down; if you were confused about whether hybrid vehicles are here to stay or not, then look no further than Toyota’s latest offerings. It has been recorded that Toyota hybrids crossed 4 million units as per the latest global sales.

According to the automaker, hybrid cars this year accounted for 15% of their global sales and hence four million units were sold since 1997. The first hybrid car was introduced in Japan in 1997.

toyota prius

This is heartening news and they are getting tough competition in the market as major automakers championed the hybrid. Prius was the first vehicle from the brand to go on sale in US and it was introduced for American market in 2000 and now after crossing more than a decade it has become the most iconic hybrid brand in the automotive industry.

According to the automaker, Prius accounts for half of all hybrids, totaling 1.2million units until April, 2012. The expansion of it has helped the overall hybrid sales of their lineup in the last 8 months. Prius V was introduced in November 2011, followed by Prius C and plug-in vehicles. It is good to see the hybrid cars success in US market.


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