Understanding Hybrid Technology

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Hybrid Auto makes use of 2 distinct power sources and the term refers to hybrid electric cars that combine 2 or more electric motors and an internal combustion engine. Gasoline motors are much more powerful with a longer range. With the rise in gas prices, car owners are switching to hybrid cars. Most of hybrid cars use electric motor, making the vehicle fuel-efficient.

Saving Money

In order to save money during the current hike in gas prices, it is quite recommendable to choose among top hybrid automobiles. Check out 2012 Civic Hybrid and Honda Civic sedan. The Civic sedan is priced at $15,995 and it can generate 28 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highways.

hybrid auto

The new Civic Hybrid is a hybrid automobile with price starting at $24,200 with an exceptional fuel mileage of 44 mpg in city as well as highways.

Fuel Cost

According to U.S. Transportation Department, average fuel cost per year for a green car that delivers 33 mpg is $1,818 assuming the gas price is $4 / gallon. The annual fuel cost for Civic Hybrid will be $1,363.

hybrid auto

Plug-in Hybrids

The next-gen hybrid vehicles are known as plug in-hybrid models, which are very much traditional hybrid. Plugins make use of gasoline engines once batteries are out of charge.


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