V60 : Volvo Diesel Hybrid

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Volvo Diesel Hybrid V60 is expected to arrive in the market in 2013. The automaker has said that estimated fuel costs will be almost a third over traditional combustion engine.

The plug-in diesel hybrid car can travel up to 24 to 27-miles using battery power only and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in 6.2sec. Fuel economy is the equivalent of 124mpg, with 49g/km CO2 emission. Unlike internal combustion engine, it achieves peak torque very quickly.

volvo diesel hybrid

It has used 2.4-L engine found in D5 and D6; with the 2.4-L diesel 5-cylinder and electric motor, it produces a total output of 285hp.

The first produced thousand cars will be sold next autumn, though the company has not included the US in the initial launch of diesel-hybrid wagon V60. About 30% of the cars will go to Nordic nations, including Sweden and 5 to 15% each to UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany. It will be launched in only one shade- Electric Silver.

volvo diesel hybrid

Inside, the traditional gauges have been replaced by LED screen with display options and communication via smartphone app with the vehicle is also possible.

The price of the new 2013 V60 plug-in diesel hybrid is around $75,000, which is almost $25,000 expensive than the conventional V60 wagon.

new volvo v60

New V60 Hybrid Rear View

new volvo v60

New V60 Hybrid Side View

new volvo v60

New V60 Hybrid


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