Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid Sold Out

Posted on 01. Oct, 2012 by in News

Volvo V60 is now the top ranked car in plug-in hybrid range of cars in the market. This is proved by the fact that even before the first batch of new V60 reached the showrooms they all sold out. It is the first hybrid car from Volvo and an electric car with more advanced technology.

The production version of the new V60 is offered in electric silver color and comes with 17 inch wheels, incorporated exhaust tailpipes, and standard equipments. Plug-in Hybrid badge can be seen on the bottom tailgate and smaller one on the front wings. Interiors are furnished with black leather and the same is seen on the steering wheels, gear knob, and designed mats.

volvo v60 hybrid

Volvo V60 gives three modes of driving options- Pure, Power, and Hybrid. The pure mode is operated in a range up to 50 kms. In this mode, the vehicle is powered only by electric motor, while in the hybrid mode the electric motor and engine works in parallel. The vehicle offers maximum power of 215+70 hp and 440+220 Nm of maximum torque in the power mode.

A new graphically designed dashboard with individualised set up and information gives a simple uncomplicated driving experience.

Volvo Car Corporation with the help of Swedish electricity supplier Vattenfall designed the new V60 hybrid car. Both the companies have financed for the development project.



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