World’s First Diesel Hybrid Car – Peugeot HX-1

Posted on 15. Sep, 2011 by in Hybrid Cars

The newest future car, Peugeot HX-1 plug-in hybrid vehicle, was unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show with unique design and gull-wing doors. It has been called “the first diesel hybrid in the world” from the company.

Peugeot states that its main aim behind this concept car was to build transportation for 6 passengers with plug-in hybrid technology. It offers good fuel efficiency and a sporty performance.

It features a 299 hp, 2.2 liter HDI diesel Hybrid4 technology comprising a diesel engine, which powers front wheels and at the same time, an electric motor powers the rear wheels.

peugeot hybrid

As per Peugeot’s press release, the low-slung, long vehicle with 2 retractable jump seats located between front and rear seats can provide room for 6 passengers.


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